Davor 1932
fotografirao: Vladimir Kren  



Kren, Vladimir (Vlado) (1903-1948)
Rank: General of the Air force
Assignments: Commander of the Air force of the NDH from April, 1941 - September 13, 1943, when he is retired at his own request. Re-activated in June of 1944 and once again named commander of the Airforce, in which capacity he remains till the end of the war.
Notes: He was in 1941. Captain of Yugoslav Air Force , 49th in his class year . Kren became famous because he defected to the Germans with his aircraft on 4th January 1941. He took top secret defense plans of Yugoslav airfields in Croatia , Slovenia and Bosnia. He landed in Graz (in that time Germany, today Austria). When NDH was established he return to Zagreb. Field Marshal Slavko Kvaternik promoted him to Colonel.
Vlado was part of 'Vokic - Lorkovic' group. At end of a war Kren escaped again with his plane and landed in Austria, at time Austria was in British hands. Arrested in Italy in 1947, and extradited to Yugoslavia. British Army return him to communists and he was sentenced to death and shot in 1948.